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Who is Longrich ? It is an Multinatnational company that manufactures for other multinationals like Avon, Marks and Spencer, GSK, Unilever and lots more. LONGRICH has offices and brands on over 193 countries. It is about 34years in business and now 9years in Nigeria. Currently Longrich is Building a world class research and development centre and a Longrich Bioscience laboratory where quality products are researched, analysed and certified for quality consumable products in Lekki free trade zone Lagos. It has come to stay with great plans and incentives for her partners. Longrich platform is a business platform established to inform, educate, and empower millions of people all over the world to attain financial freedom and achieve their dreams. Longrich is building a transgenerational wealth by using a sustainable platform. Do we have products in Longrich? Yes we have a wild range of products. we have quality, affordable and effective supplements, skin and beauty care, toiletries, weight loss products Energy products etc